5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Weekend

5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Weekend - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

If you are anything like me and work a full-time job but also have an insatiable wanderlust you have had to figure out how to juggle them both. Your job probably gives you maybe 2-3 weeks of vacation a year which you can EASILY blow on one trip. So what do you do when you’re between extended vacations? Or you’re waiting for your PTO to replenish itself? Or you just need a quick pick me up to break the monotony of your weekly routine? Here are five ways to make the most of your weekend, taking advantage of your free time and saving that valuable vacation time.

1) Create a three day weekend…sorta!
If your job offers the option of working from home, make arrangements to do so on a Friday and make anywhere your office! If your employer has something like Sharepoint in place, then you can stay connected with your work using your mobile device. Visit the Bamboo Solutions website to learn how you can enhance Sharepoint even further. Granted you still have to work but you have to admit that work isn’t THAT bad with a beautiful view and then you have the remainder of your weekend all to yourself.

2) Pack a bag!
If working remotely is not an option, you still have Saturday and Sunday to enjoy. When you walk out the door Friday morning, be sure to grab your overnight bag and get on the road right after work to a nearby destination. I used to do this all the time when I lived in Northern California and wanted to come home to Los Angeles for the weekend. My suggestion is that you don’t go further than a 4-5 hour distance from home because you don’t want to spend all your weekend traveling or on transport. One of my friends who lives in England often goes to Ireland for the weekend. The flight only takes about an hour so she still has plenty of time to explore and does not have to contend with jet lag. Plus, there are some fabulous tours that you can schedule ahead of your visit using websites like Are you considering a trip to Ireland in the near future? Why not book a tour to see the sights.

3) Holiday? Getaway!
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January), Memorial Day (May), and Labor Day (September) are always observed on a Monday so TADA! Three day weekend! Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on a Thursday, and some employers are nice enough to give their employees Black Friday off as well setting you up for a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! When the stars align, the 4th of July and Christmas may fall on a Friday allowing for another extended weekend! If you plan properly, these holidays could easily add 5-6 more trips to your year than you initially thought possible. I know we usually like to stick close to home around the holidays, but I strongly encourage you to think twice before allowing these chances to get out of town pass. You could consider going out and getting an RV or a Motorhome to spend these weekends enjoying yourself. One thing to remember is that these don’t come cheap! Therefore, looking for the right lender can be a struggle with all of these complicated terms and conditions and high interest rates! For sure check out the Motorhome Finance Loans – RV & Campervan Poor/Bad Credit Deals. Apply Now!

4) Create an international experience at home
You don’t always have to go far to feel like you’ve been somewhere. Let’s say you are longing for Paris (the story of my LIFE) but can’t go as soon as you like. Find a quaint Parisian-themed restaurant to visit for dinner and have a glass of your favorite wine or grab some macarons and have a Netflix night watching Amelie and Chocolat. Watching films and TV shows on streaming and on demand video services is an excellent way to soak up culture and entertainment without having to leave the comfort of your living room. However, did you know that if you do not subscribe to a video on demand service, then there is a chance you could be missing out on the latest films and TV shows that everyone is talking about? Head to HTTPS://WWW.EATEL.COM/ to learn about finding a residential internet package with video on demand services included.

5) There’s no place like home
Get reacquainted with the city you call home! As I said in tip #4, you don’t always have to go far to feel like you’ve been somewhere. Make reservations at that new restaurant that just opened. Grab a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe. Immerse yourself in arts and culture by taking in an exhibit at a museum or watching a matinee performance of a stage production.

Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of hopping on a plane, but the tips above will help you out in the meantime time until you can take to the skies again. Let me know in the comments below how you satisfy your appetite for travel between your big trips!

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