8 Apps & Websites That Make Travel Planning Easy

8 Apps & Websites That Make Travel Planning Easy - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

1) The Flight Deal & Secret Flying

Site likes The Flight Deal & Secret Flying have helped dispel the idea that international travel has to break the bank. Daily, they’re posting these amazing fares around the world that are too good to pass up. Thanks to The Flight Deal, I was able to snag a $375 RT ticket to Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil for this coming November. But when you see a flight you like, you may want to snatch it up sooner than later because you never know when the airlines may take the deal off the table.

2) Google Flights & Kayak Explore
These are two of my favorite airfare search engines because of the fare map feature each site offers. If you pop in your starting point, your desired travel dates, and click explore map, each site will reveal a map that displays the cost to fly round trip to countless cities and countries. This is a great tool when you don’t have a destination in mind, but you have a budget you don’t want to exceed. If you’re trying to figure out which destination you’d like to experience for yourself, you could head online to answer the question ‘where should you go next?’ – there’s plenty of great info to make use of there.

8 Apps & Websites That Make Travel Planning Easy - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

3) Airbnb &
Because I don’t mind venturing off the beaten path when it comes to my accommodations, Airbnb & are two of my go-to booking sites. Airbnb is a site that allows homeowners to list and rent out their homes in their entirety or spare rooms they have available. I believe staying in someone’s homes leads to a more authentic experience when traveling. Whenever I have a travel destination in mind, I always check out Airbnb and have come across some amazing homes. I have also seen some Weird Airbnb places if you fancy something a bit different.

Now I’m sure that word “hostel” gave some of you pause but I assure they’re all not seedy, dirty, holes in the wall where shady characters hang out. I felt this way too until I stayed in a hostel in Oslo. They tend to be very affordable, and if you choose the right one, you don’t have to skimp on the amenities you typically enjoy. I love for the user reviews, rating percentages, pictures and ease of booking.

8 Apps & Websites That Make Travel Planning Easy - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

4) Rome2Rio (website and app)
Rome2Rio is a website and app (for iPhones) that will help you get from Point A to Point B. It considers all modes of transportation and provides estimates of how much each will cost.

*TIP* Don’t be afraid to use ground transportation; it’s an excellent way to see more, and it’s often cheaper than airfare.

8 Apps & Websites That Make Travel Planning Easy - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

5) US News Travel
My favorite feature of US News’ travel section are the travel guides. When I have a destination in mind, I love to reference this section to see when the best time to visit is. It tells you the average temperatures for each month, the high and low seasons, and lets you know what major events are taking place. Also, it provides you with hotel recommendations, suggestions on things you can do and an overview of the different modes of transportation you can use to get around town.

These are my go-to resources, but I’m always looking for recommendations on new sites and apps to try. What are some of your favorite travel planning tools? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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