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Oslo, A Beautiful Surprise

Oslo, Norway harbor

My friend and I were grabbing lunch one afternoon when he told me he was planning a trip to Europe and said I should come along. My response was “Let me see…I’ll get back to you” because the dates conflicted with plans I already had in place. But once I got home that evening, I told myself to stop making excuses, and I texted my friend telling him to count me in. Because it was so last minute, I had to miss out the first few days when he went to Denmark and stayed in one of the copenhagen hotels close to the tourist center. I was jealous when he told me what he got but to but I was still happy I bought my ticket to Oslo, it was honestly the best decision of my LIFE!

JumpOslo was never on my travel radar but once I stepped out of that airport into that gorgeous weather, I knew that I had found heaven and it was in Norway! Oslo is a beautiful city that does an excellent job of balancing the old with the new. I loved walking along the streets and seeing how seamlessly the city transitioned from modern architecture to beautiful graffiti to historical buildings. Nordic countries do have a particular charm to them and they all share grand and beautiful landscapes. I can’t wait to visit more of them and I’m starting to consider planning an iceland camper rental vacation so I can see that particular country’s amazing offerings too.

2015-06-04 20150424_113921 20150423_102518 20150423_105148We spent our first day just getting familiar with the town with no real agenda. The weather was beautiful, and we just wanted to be outdoors. It’s an easy city to walk and get lost in; before you know it you’ve covered miles on foot! But on Day 2 we went made it a point to see the Royal Palace & visit the Nobel Peace Center, which was a MUST for me because I’m obsessed with museums. This one, in particular, was so special to me because it was representative of all that is good in the world.

2015-08-0620150424_152301One of my favorite moments in Oslo was right outside the Nobel Peace Center. We were in no rush, so we just took a minute to sit on this hilltop and take it all in. When traveling it’s easy to hop from one attraction to the next when there’s so much to see, but these moments of reflection are just as priceless.

20150424_161844-e1436938558655-1080x834I loved being in Oslo during the week because we got to see real life happening. Whether it was people hustling to work, school children playing in the park, or a protest taking place outside of City Hall.

20150424_150305 Oslo Flowers I LOVED Oslo, and I can’t wait to step foot in this city again. It’s a beautiful place, the people are welcoming, and the streets are clean (being from LA this is a big deal to me). My only regret is that I would have loved to have spent some time on the water but the next time I’m Norway I am making it a case to visit one of Norway’s incredible fjords. The photos are breathtaking, so I can only imagine the experience up close and personal.

enhanced-buzz-wide-11063-1434479083-8Stay tuned for Pt.2 of my trip through Europe…next stop AMSTERDAM!

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    September 9, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    Haha, this blog posts was a great trip down memory lane. I ended up in Oslo this April for the same reason, a friend invited me at the last minute and I said yes. Otherwise, like you, it hadn’t been on my radar and I’m so happy that I went. It is a beautiful city for getting lost in, nice museums, and great landscapes. Thanks for sharing.

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