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My Favorite Travel Themed Christmas Gifts - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

I have to admit, it was hard getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Not because I was in a bad mood, but because there was so much going on and not enough time. My trip to South America over Thanksgiving spilled into the beginning of December. Once I returned home, I had two weeks until my 30th birthday party and was focused on finalizing details some last minute details. Before I knew it, Christmas was here, and I was THIS close to canceling it, but I managed to get my close friends and family gifts, and I got some pretty awesome Christmas gifts in return.

As I’ve incorporated more travel in my life, my friends have been very supportive. They’ve listened to me ramble on about dream itineraries. They’re always eager to hear how my latest trip went. And they were very supportive when I decided to create I’m Taking Off. So it was just like them to get me Christmas gifts that are not only reflective of my love for travel but will make me a little trendier on the go as well as create some fun! As well as the great travel themed gifts below, you could always design your own, for example painted tote bags are very popular. Or if you want the person you love to carry you around with them wherever they go, then that’s possible! It’s true! Now personalized bobbleheads are being more and more popular, so why not give that special person something special, you.

1) Jewelry Holder
As you probably know by now, I love Paris! I fell in love with the city as soon as my feet touched the ground and the City of Lights is never far from my mind. So you can imagine how excited I was to receive this jewelry holder in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Being that my jewelry is the last thing I put on, seeing this as I head out the door puts me in the right mood.

2) Passport Covers
A girl can never have too many passport covers, can she? I had a hunch to expect one, but the second one was a surprise, and I love them both! The cover with the Eiffel Tower charm has been on my wishlist ever since I saw it on Etsy and knew I had to have it. They have tons of colors and charms to choose from so if you like what you see, click here.

3) Anywhere Travel Guide
I had never heard of these cards before receiving them as a gift, but I cannot wait to take a trip and give them a try! Anywhere Travel Guide is a set of 75 cards with prompts that help you “discover the unexpected” according to the tagline. Reading some of the cards brought a smile to my face, but I stopped myself so that I can be surprised during my travels. As I make my way through the set, I’ll be sure to share my experiences.My Favorite Travel Themed Christmas Gifts - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

4) The Alchemist
Y’all know I love to read, so whereas some would scoff at receiving a books as Christmas gifts, I loved it! The Alchemist is a novel I’d always heard of but had yet to read. With so many people singing its praises, I knew a great story awaited me. That coupled with the number of people who said they were encouraged to travel after reading this novel, I more than ever wanted to see what lies between these pages. Once I read it, I’ll be sure to give you guys my take on it.

5) A Watch
I’m always really good when it comes to being on time, I always plan ahead and have never missed a flight or bus on my travels. But I know a fair few people that are often not on time and have had to replan their travels due to a missed flight or 2. If you have someone like that in your life then a watch from somewhere like would be a great way to help keep them on time.

6) Painting
This wasn’t quite one of my Christmas gifts, but something I treated myself to this holiday season. Slowly but surely I’m adding a few reminders of travel to my home’s décor to continuously feed my wanderlust. Once day, strolling through a Ross store, I saw this painting and knew I had to have it! Obviously, it’s a map of the world but what I love most are the colors and how it’s not perfect. The countries aren’t perfectly outlined, it’s not drawn to scale, and it’s a bit chaotic, but I love it, and I cannot wait to mount it on my living room wall. I recently bought one of my friends a custom portrait and she loved it. You can’t go wrong buying a piece of art, either for yourself or a friend! If you do decide to buy some art for yourself then Enjoy your canvas painting! Find a good place to put it up in your house and make sure you show it off!My Favorite Travel Themed Christmas Gifts - I'm Taking Off - A Travel Blog

Did you receive any gifts that will help you pursue your favorite pastimes? Travel related or not, drop me a line below and let em know!

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