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Where Should I Celebrate My Birthday?

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As of the publishing of this post, I’m less than two weeks away from my celebrating my 30th birthday! It is a milestone I am very excited about reaching, and I want to go all out and celebrate it, and I am. I’m throwing myself a birthday party with a few of my close friends and family members, and we’re going to dance the night away and just have a good ol’ time. I’ve even put a little list together of the ultimate gifts I’d love to receive, in case people are all out of ideas. Anything from somewhere like Jacobs the Jewellers has to be on there because I love accessories, and luckily they can even shop sale items in that particular jewellers which would save them a little money. But hey if they want to spend a little more elsewhere I’m more than happy with that too! I love to save money myself but the thing about parties is that they cost quite a lot to throw too. So with every detail I’ve added to my party, I’ve slowly but surely seen the trip I wanted to take my for my actual birthday slip away. Although I don’t really have a confirmed destination as to where I want to spend my birthday, I do know for sure that if I do decide to just have a party at home, then a company like Office Monster is definitely one I will be looking into for the party supplies and snacks. You can see where my priorities lie right now.

But don’t fret. Living in California affords me the convenience of a lot of weekend getaways and day trip options. California has a variety of entertaining hot spots for me to check out for my birthday. I mean, I’m extremely lucky to live here; some people dream about just coming on their vacation here, let alone checking out real estate options on websites like https://reali.com/california-real-estate/. So although I won’t be bringing my birthday in on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico *tear* I came up with three day trips that I’ve been toying with for a while and would love to bring to fruition on my birthday!

Catalina Island is an island off the coast of southern California that draws around one million visitors a year. As you can imagine, Catalina Island offers a lot of water sports fun like snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayaking. If that’s not for you there options in dining, shopping, and relaxation. You can reach the island by ferry, and the ride is only an hour long from the mainland and this is part of the reason I’m considering it. Catalina Express offers a free round trip ride ($75 value) on your birthday! For free, I could spend a day on an island and the lucky for me, the departure port is less than 10 minutes from my home. So this is a strong contender!

One day I came across a picture of an outdoor bookstore and after a quick Google search, I found that it was Bart’s Book of Ojai. From that moment, I knew I needed to visit this magical place. I love to read. I love books. I love the spaces that house books. I could see myself sitting in the open courtyard with a stack of books I’m interested in, getting lost between their pages, engulfed in peace. Since Ojai is known for health and wellness, maybe I could even treat myself to a nice massage, completing the day with dinner and a glass of wine before heading home. But I’ll be sure to limit myself to one glass. Safety first!

I’ve been to Disneyland twice in my life. Once when I was about 10 and the second time was a part of high graduation festivities in 2004. Eleven years later I would say it’s time for a return, wouldn’t you? I think the biggest draw to going to Disneyland for my birthday is because it doesn’t scream “I’m here because I’m turning 30” and that’s exactly why I want to go! From other’s experiences I’ve gathered that there’s plenty to keep an adult entertained, but I can’t say I mind the idea of running around an amusement park, getting on some rides, and taking pictures with all the characters. I can use a few hours of forgetting my cares, worries, and responsibilities and being a big kid for a day. I also stumbled across this article , Ultimate Disneyland Holiday Eating Guide, on the Huffington Post’s website and it’s pretty convincing!

So I’ve made my case for each destination I’m considering so what say you? Where should I celebrate my 30th birthday? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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    Ojai: A Solo Birthday Retreat
    January 4, 2016 at 5:25 AM

    […] you recall, I was torn as to where I should celebrate my birthday. Unable to travel out of the country, I settled on three potential day trip options: 1) Catalina […]

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    December 20, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    30 is such a big milestone! That’s so exciting that you’re throwing yourself a party AND taking an awesome day trip. They all sound great and unique in their own way, especially Ojai. I mean, how cool is that?

    I will say, my sister celebrated her 23rd birthday at Disneyland and it was SO much fun and magical and whimsical and all of that good stuff. Another one of my friends celebrated her 25th birthday on Catalina Island and it looks like it was a blast. I’d say that whatever you do choose, you’re in for a real treat. Eventually, I’m sure you’ll make it to them all!

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